There are a wide variety of Web hosting solutions available, each with it’s own advantages or disadvantages. This means it’s important for you to choose the right plan to suit both your budget and your needs.

Where do I start?

Web hosting plans in South Africa can start from as little as R99 from reputable service providers. This kind of package often include 5 GB worth of disk space, a number of email accounts and other basic features. If your site is a little bigger, there are hosting plans for 10GB and 20GB. These accounts are perfect for your basic website which is not feature or media rich.

I’ve got a big business with a big site

For bigger, more complex websites or online retail operations, we provide dedicated servers. These are high speed, fail safe servers which can safely and securely store your web and sales data. For the real high-demand service providers needing the fastest servers with unlimited traffic and the lowest risk of failure, the Managed Dedicated servers are for you. They’re pricey, but the performance is worth the expense.

Here are a few tips to help you work out what’s best for you

  1. The size of your site. Opt for a plan that gives to 30 to 50% more space than you need in case your site grows or you need to back it up and migrate it to another address or server.
  2. Make sure you get proper, prompt support. We’ll make sure you have 24/7 support for any issues or assistance with any hosting or website related difficulties.
  3. You need backups. With us, you get daily backups and a simple-to-use restore interface in case of any disasters.
  4. You need the latest software. Always check your hosting provider is running the latest php and other software so that you get the best performance.
  5. Stay away from one-horse companies. Smaller providers may offer better pricing, but at the expense of performance, security and support.


With these tips, you’re better informed to make the best decision about your web hosting package and provider. See more tips here .

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